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Bed Bugs

Now that you have been told by a Pest Control Operator that you have bed bugs, you have a decision to make. Should I go with Heat Treatment or Conventional Treatment and which one is best for me.

There are no two situations that are the same when it comes to bed bugs and there isn’t a silver bullet to fix all them all. This leaves it open to options on what type of service Heat, Conventional or both.

Heat treatment is when we heat an entire residence, apartment, dorm, or hotel room with large industrial heaters and use fans to create a convection type environment. Heaters are designed to never exceed 135 degrees.

A liquid residual pesticide is used around the perimeter of the areas to ensure that bed bugs trying to get away from the heat will come into contact and die. Silicon dusts are also applied behind electrical switch plates to prevent harborage areas.

Clutter levels are something you will want to take into consideration. If you have a lot of stuff in your home heat is a great option. Heat can be applied directly into closets, dressers, armories and to penetrate cloths that might be infested.

Some benefits to heat are that it kills all instar stages of bed bugs form egg to adult when temperatures reach between 112-122 degrees F.

Bed bugs are thigmotactic meaning that they like tight spaces areas that are hard to reach with traditional treatments. Heat can penetrate wall voids and under base boards to ensure a thorough treatment.

Heat Treatments can be done in one day typically within 8 hours with a quick follow up service 7-10 days after the initial service.

Most items can stay in the home when the service is being performed.

Conventional treatment is when a chemical application is applied directly to infested beds, furniture, and crack and crevasses of areas being treated and are sometimes the most economical treatment for smaller infestations.

When doing a conventional treatment, the recommendation is to do the entire residence not just the areas where the bed bugs are found. Bed bugs are great travelers. The found their way into your home, it’s foolish to think that they are just in the areas where you sit and sleep.

Re infestation is always a potential problem. When planning to do a conventional treatment you will be provided with preparation instructions for your service with directions on how to prepare laundry and secure all items that are not able to be treated. These items must be thoroughly be inspected before being reintroduced into the home.

Conventional treatments take less time than heat and reentry time is typically 4 hours after the application is done. Retreatment and follow up services are done 7-10 days after the initial service and depending on the level of infestation may require more than one follow up.

Bed bug treatments whether Conventional or Heat are time consuming and labor intensive. There are not any quick fixes. If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. Don’t get fooled into DIY products they don’t work, and more times than not make the problem worse.