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There are several species of cockroaches found in the Reno area. Some of the most common are the German cockroach, Brown banded cockroach, Oriental and American cockroaches. Cockroaches are among the oldest insects known dating back 200 million years. They can be introduced in to buildings and homes in cardboard boxes, food packages, and grocery bags. They are also known to travel through utility lines and even sewers.

Common Types of Cockroaches

German Cockroach – mostly found in homes, apartments, in restaurants adults are pale brown slightly smaller than a half inch long and have wings with two dark stripes that run length wise. They are highly reproductive and have a short life cycle. They lay egg capsules called an ootheca that contain 30 to 40 eggs that will hatch in about 28 days. In homes they are most abundant in kitchen where food sources and moisture are available. German cockroaches like secluded narrow areas cracks and crevasses, voids, behind sinks, and under counter and table tops.




Brown Banded Cockroach – The Brown Banded cockroach is the smallest cockroach found in Nevada. They can be identified by being light tan to reddish brown and become lighter towards their rear. Adults have two light colored bands at the base of their wings. When disturbed males can fly but females never do. They prefer dark areas like cabinets, boxes, and drawers. Egg capsules generally contain about 18 eggs and hatch in about 50 to 75 days.



Oriental Cockroach – Usually found around dark moist areas like storm drains, water meter boxes, plumbing fixtures, sewers, and garbage they are commonly called “water bugs”. Oriental cockroaches are commonly found outdoors during warmer months they can withstand low temperatures. They are dark reddish brown or black in color. Egg capsules are dropped in warm sheltered areas near a food source and contain about 16 eggs and hatch in about 60 days.



American Cockroach – The American cockroach is large about 1 ½” and reddish brown. Usually found in damp locations like sewer systems, basements, dishwashing rooms, and areas that have inadequate ventilation. They deposit their eggs near a food source in areas with high humidity. The adult can live up to an average of over a year and a half.



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