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Three most common spiders that we find in the Truckee Meadows area. Although there are thousands of spider species give us a call and we can have your specific spider identified.


Common Types of Spiders


Black Widow – Common throughout the United States and Northern Nevada these spiders get their name from the common misconception that the female eats the male after mating. This rarely happens in nature. The adult female body is about 1/2” in length with a spherical abdomen. Typically are black and sometimes brown with 2 reddish triangular markings usually joined to form a reddish hourglass shaped marking.

Outside black widows are found in undisturbed areas that are cool and dry. Some examples are under decks, woodpiles and seldom used corners of garages or crawlspaces. They prefer cluttered areas that give them more shelter. Their prey consists primarily of other insects.


Wolf spider – This spider is classified as a hunting spider. The female body can be from 3/8” to 1 3/8”. Usually dark brown with paler stripes or markings and a very hairy abdomen.

Mating occurs in Fall with males dying before winter and females overwinter and then lay their eggs from May to June. Each egg sack containing 100-135 eggs. The mother will bite open the sack allowing the spiderlings to crawl onto her abdomen where they will stay for a week or longer.

Wolf spiders actively hunt during the night and sometimes during the day. Outside they are found under stones, firewood, and leaf litter. Not commonly found inside but when they are they are brought in usually with firewood. Once inside they often will stay inside and tend to stay near floor level along walls or under furniture.


Sunspider also called sun scorpion, or camel spider whose common name refers to their habitation of hot dry regions as well as to their typically golden color. They are also called wind scorpions because of their swiftness, camel spiders because of their humped heads, they are hairy and have a rounded abdomen, while the front appendages somewhat resemble those of a scorpion. Body length is 1/”4 to 2 inches. Sunspiders generally are nocturnal and are primarily carnivorous although they are omnivorous, with most species feeding on termites, beetles, and other small, ground-dwelling insects. They are aggressive hunters and voracious opportunistic feeders and have been found feeding on snakes, small lizards, and rodents.


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